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Spark your curiosity at our annual series of weekend expos!

Meet local scientists, engineers and other experts for a behind-the-scenes look at real science.

Bring your friends and family back each month to explore new fields, find new hobbies, and meet the people who are doing amazing things in our own backyard — all free and open to the public.



SciFest returns for its second yearlong series of expos designed specifically for our St. Louis families! Are you wanting to investigate a new hobby? Are there any young scientists in your life interested in being engineers, doctors, or veterinarians? What if you could find a place to meet real professionals and learn all about what’s out there in science and technology? YOU CAN at SciFest!

Plan for your 2018 favorites now, and keep coming back for more fun!

January 13-15: Community Science Showcase
Who can? You can! Scientists aren’t just the people in black and white photos you see in textbooks. Meet women scientists, scientists of color, scientists with disabilities, and more underrepresented professionals, all from the St. Louis area, and all eager for you to see their work!

February 24-25: Engineering Our World
Look around you, and you can bet that an engineer had something to do with creating what you see. Meet real engineers who design the answers to tough problems every day!

March 10: I <3 Pi
Pi returns to the Science Center, just a bit early. Celebrate 3.14 on 3/10 and meet real mathematicians who prove once and for all that math really can be fun!

April 14: Brain Matters
Is a brain like a computer? Or will a computer ever be like a brain? Investigate questions behind one of the body’s most complex systems as you learn about neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

May 12: Tornado Alley
St. Louis gets our fair share of weather phenomena. Meet the local experts studying storms, earthquakes, forest fires and more, and how you can keep yourself safe in these dangerous conditions.

June 16: Paws and Claws
Our furry, feathered, scaly, and shelled friends visit the Science Center, along with the professionals who take care of them each and every day. Learn more about careers with animals and how you can get involved in local volunteer groups!

July 21: One Giant Leap
On July 21, 1969, Apollo 11 left the surface of the moon for its return trip to Earth. Celebrate the historic moon landing, and meet local experts in aviation, aerospace and planetary science!

August 11: Bright Ideas Expo
Learn how science and creativity mirror each other, and meet the local creative community that drives innovation in St. Louis. Pick up a new hobby, and see the variety of ways creativity takes shape.

September 22: Rock, Fossil, Quake
Explore the mysteries of the Earth with the help of real geologists, paleontologists, and seismologists. Take a deeper look at what’s below the surface and what we’ve learned about our planet’s past.

October 14: The Great Outdoors
As the leaves change, meet local professionals who work outdoors, from agricultural and environmental scientists to park rangers and recreationalists. Learn how you could work in the great outdoors yourself!

November 10: Healthy U.
SciFest 2018 closes with a celebration of health and the human body. Join in free health screenings, learn about the complexity of the human body, and find out how you could be a doctor one day!