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Can Cookies Really Increase A Mother's Milk Supply?

For as long as women have been nursing their babies, they have been trying to find a way to make the process easier.

lllMany mothers struggle with increasing their milk to supply enough for their baby. Substances that increase milk production are called galactagogues. They can be synthetic, vegetable-based, or from an organism. While the most effective galactagogues are pharmaceutical, those types can have unwanted side effects that many mothers prefer to avoid. An alternative is the use of galactagogues found in nature, such as fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, blessed thistle, oatmeal, and torbangun. However, some of these herbs can taste unpleasant, which makes it hard to eat enough to help.

But what if you put some of these natural galactagogues into delicious cookies?

Lactation Cookies from The Cookie Girl contain brewer’s yeast, oatmeal, and flaxseed. Besides being excellent galactagogues, these natural ingredients can be lllgood for you in other ways.

  • o    Brewer’s yeast contains protein, selenium (which helps with hair loss and has been found to have anti-cancer properties)
  • o    Chromium (which aids in weight loss as it converts extra carbs into energy), and is high in B vitamins (which have been found to help prevent postpartum depression and boost mood, brain function, and energy)
  • o    Flaxseed has fiber and omega fatty acids (good for brain power), vitamin E (great for the skin), B-complex vitamins, folates, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium
  • o    Oats are a good source of  iron and fiber. (It is known that maternal anemia, or low iron, can result in decreased milk supply, so it makes sense that increasing iron may help to increase milk supply)
  • o    Oatmeal is also considered a comfort food, and eating comfort foods help us to relax, and being relaxed can encourage a milk let-down, and increase milk production


The idea for this line of cookies started when Pastry Chef Zoë Klasel was searching lllfor lactation cookie recipes. After trying several different types (all of them unappetizing), she realized that what she wanted was simply a cookie—a yummy cookie that tasted good AND boosted her milk supply. She started baking until she finally developed delicious recipes that also helped with lactation.

Her next quest was to share these cookies with other mothers. All of the moms who have tried them so far have had an increase of some sort. Some need four cookies a day, and others only need to eat one a day before noticing a difference. Every person is different, but for many moms, it does help.

Once she started with her popular Lactation Cookies, people began asking about other things, like help with morning sickness. Zoë had baked a ton of ginger cookies for herself when she was pregnant with her son. She had also heard that Princess Kate was eating lavender shortbread cookies like there was no tomorrow when she was feeling ill. So Zoë started to develop Morning Sickness Remedy Cookies.

Next came Reflux Remedy Cookies and Insomnia Remedy Cookies. Research has shown that eating a carbohydrate shortly before bedtime can help the blood bring tryptophan to the brain, which helps to signal that it’s time to sleep. Lavender also has relaxing and calming effects, so a Lavender Shortbread cookie can have a double effect.

So now you can increase a mother's milk supply with a cookie!

(Editor's Note: We met Zoe at an expo recently and were treated to a sampling of these cookies. Without a doubt, we can verify that these are INCREDIBLE-tasting delights! Whether you are a mother or not, I'll bet you will say you've not tasted a better cookie.)

What's up next for The Cookie Girl? Whatever it is, we know it'll be a delicious treat!



The Cookie Girl


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Zoe's website explains her story and shows off her talents. Check out: But you've got to taste her cookies to really appreciate them!

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