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How the Codeverse Environment Makes Learning To Code Fun, Collaborative, & Social

The founders of Codeverse are on a mission to teach a billion children to code worldwide, and it appears that their main strategy is to make learning how to code unbelievably fun.


A Codeverse studio is a futuristic lab designed to be as fun, interactive, and engaging as possible for children ages 6 to 13. Kids are immersed in an environment that includes the latest tech gadgets like robots, 3D printers, a 20-foot TV wall, and professional-grade lights and speakers - all of which can be controlled and programmed by kids using real code. Every aspect  - from the furniture to the hardware - is designed to encourage play, inspire creativity, pique curiosity, and promote collaboration. And that's just the start.



Codeverse Lincoln Park - Where Kids Learn to Code from Codeverse on Vimeo.



Codeverse teaches kids how to code using KidScript - a proprietary language that enables children to build mobile games, projects, and apps, as well as program dozens of objects within the state-of-the-art studio. Many beginning coding apps and games for kids rely on teaching children to code by dragging pieces of code onto a screen, but the founders at Codeverse created KidScript to enable kids to type in and tweak specific code all by themselves, then see the results of their code right in front of them, in real time. KidScript draws inspiration from, and acts as a developmentally appropriate introduction to, many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Visual Basic.




Another key that makes the Codeverse learning environment so special is their amazing collective of Guides to lead classes and camps. Guides include K-12 certified teachers and improv comedians as well as seasoned designers, engineers, and game developers. This diverse mix of backgrounds, skill-sets, and experiences helps make Codeverse even more dynamic, fun, and engaging for children. Guides are also able to create a personalized approach to each child based on the curriculum.




The Codeverse curriculum is self-guided and adaptive to meet and challenge each child at their level. As kids progress through the curriculum, they learn all the core fundamentals universal to any programming language.  Kids receive achievement pins and digital badges for demonstrating comprehension of coding concepts, controlling physical objects (using code) within the studio, and building unique apps and games. Along the way, Guides are able to track each child's mistake and milestone to customize their teaching approach, and parents can get real-time updates into their child's progress.




Codeverse offers flexible afterschool classes, amazing weeklong summer camps, Kids Night Outs that include a healthy dinner, and fun, space-themed birthday parties. It's likely that your biggest challenge will be getting your child to leave. Ever.



Ready for the best part?  Codeverse Westchester and Codeverse Houston are opening Summer 2020 in time for summer camps!


They'll be welcoming campers ages 6 to 13 into their incredible state-of-the-art studios in White Plains and Texas for weeklong camps Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm beginning June 1st through the end of August 28th. Parents can sign up here for White Plains camps or here for Houston camps. If you register by June 1st, you can save $100 off a week of camp.

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