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Come train in the largest cheerleading and tumbling only facility in St. Charles County! We offer a wide variety of competitive, non competitive classes. You can enroll in full year and half year programs. Cheer St. Louis builds character, class and physical fitness in its athletes through a standard of excellence, while teaching life lessons and fostering an environment for children to flourish and grow into better people and reach their full potential. We will be moving into a new home in Fall 2021!

Class Descriptions

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Toddler Time

2-3 year old children will experience and explore all of the fun aspects of physical activity with the help of an adult or alone. We will work on developmentally appropriate physical and cognitive skills through structured games, activities and exploring. They will benefit from improved listening skills as well as beginning to understand a class environment.

Tiny Cheer

3-5 year old children will begin learning the elements of cheerleading. We will teach jumps, motions, dance and minimal stunting. This class will also focus on developing their social skills while improving balance, coordination and strength.

Pre K Gym Class

3-4 year old children will spend part of their class doing structured activities to help them be better prepared for physical education. We will expand their physical abilities, help them reach developmental milestones and begin teaching foundation tumbling skills. Our classes are designed to stimulate learning through fun for each child and to create a healthy and enjoyable experience for your child.

Super Hero Training Academy

3-5 year old children will play games, do activities and experience life as their favorite superhero. Your child will love developing their skills in safe and challenging environment. This class involves beginning tumbling skills, elaborating their imagination and developing their social skills while improving balance, speed and coordination while building strength.

Tiny Tumbling

This is a 30-minute class designed for 4 and 5 year olds. This class will focus on level 1 skills.


Building a Foundation:

This 60-minute class is designed for athletes working on level 1 skills.  Skills include forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back bends, front and back walkovers.

No prerequisite is required for this class.

All About BHS:

This 60-minute class is designed to work on the standing back handspring.  Athletes will be taught through drills and progression how to properly and safely do a standing back handspring.  The goal of this class is to teach athletes a back handspring that they will be able to later use to connect more advanced skills to.

Prerequisite for this class – Back bend kick over or front walkover.  Athletes must be able to successfully support their weight in their arms and have a sound understanding of level 1 skills.

Series BHS:

This 60-minute class is designed to teach athletes correct round off back handsprings, round off back handsprings series and standing series back handsprings.  The goal of this class is for athletes to learn solid series back handsprings that will prepare them to begin learning flipping skills.

Prerequisite for this class – Back-walkover back handspring.

Flips & More:

This 60-minute class is designed to teach athletes how to do flipping skills from a round off back handspring.  This class will focus on round off back handspring tucks and layouts.  This class will teach athletes how to rebound and set into flipping skills as well as teach how to do tucks and layouts.

Prerequisite for this class – Round off series back handsprings and standing series back handsprings. 

Super Standing:

This 60-minute class is designed to teach athletes ALL standing tumbling skills.  This class will teach athletes how to do standing back tucks, back handspring tucks and standing full twists.  This class is great for the athlete that needs to work on their advanced standing tumbling skills.

Prerequisite for this class – Punch-fronts, round off back handspring tuck and standing series back handsprings.


This 60-minute class is designed to teach a variety of specialty tumbling skills.  These skills include punch fronts, punch front step outs, whips, arabians, etc.

Prerequisite for this class – Round off back handspring tuck, standing series back handsprings.

Totally Twisting:

This 60-minute class is designed to teach athletes how to do full twisting layouts and double full twisting layouts.  This class will reinforce rebounding and setting into flipping skills as well as teach athletes how to do flipping twisting skills.

Prerequisite for this class – Round off back handsprings layout and standing back tuck.


Flight School:

This class is for flyers in the current cheer season.  Coaches must approve enrollment.  Flyers will work on body position, transition, confidence and awareness in the air.

Jumps & Flexibility:

This 45 minute class is designed for athletes to improve on their overall flexibility and jumps.  The class will work on jump technique and conditioning as well as body positions for flyers or those who want to be flyers.

Cheer 101:

This class is an introduction to cheerleading. Your child will learn motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance. This class is great for those undecided if they want to join a team, or just starting out in the sport.

Coed Flight School:

The purpose of the co-ed stunting class is to teach stunting skills that will give athletes the best fundamentals in order to be successful coed stunters. This year round class is 45 minutes

Birthday Parties

Angel Party Package:

Price of this party package is $200 and includes 45 minutes of supervised activities in our air-conditioned gym and 45 minutes in our party room for up to 15 kids (additional kids extra).

WE provide:

  •  Invitations for up to 15 guests
  •  Private party room with tables and chairs.  We allow access 30 minutes prior to party start time.
  •  Party instructor(s) that will run the event from start to finish. 
  •  Gym activities including obstacle courses, trampoline time, parachute fun, and other party games.

YOU provide:

  • Cake, food, and/or drinks as desired.
  • Plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloths.
  • Decorations as desired.

Gratuities are welcome for excellent party staff!

Package Add-Ons:

The following can be added on to our Angel Party Package:

  •  Each additional party guest: $8
  •  Additional 30 minutes of party time: $40

Available Party Days/Times:

We offer birthday parties on Saturday’s at either 11am or 2pm.  Please call 636-980-5678 or visit the front desk for open dates and times.

How To Reserve a Party:

Visit our website or come by the front desk to fill out a Birthday Party Registration form and pay your deposit to hold the date and time.

Our party coordinator will ensure all the details are taken care of and that your child has a great party!

Everything You Need to Know:

There  is a non-refundable $50 deposit due upon scheduling the party.  The $50 will be applied to the total amount due at the end of the party.

Our party coordinator will call you a week prior to the party to get the final guest count.

We have open gym most Friday evenings from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. We also have summer camps and clinics when schools out on holidays.

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