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Fight Back This Cold & Flu Season with Gummy Cuties

By Meg Brunson

My middle two children are extremely picky eaters and I often worry about them consuming all the vitamins and nutrients that they need to be healthy.  Layer on top of that cold & flu season.  With four kids, it seems like we are constantly passing around tummy bugs, colds, the flu, and more.  This is the time of year when I am reminded about how important it is to eat a well-balanced diet and/or supplement any gaps in our nutrition with a multivitamin.  



We have tried a variety of children's vitamins in the past - including gummy vitamins - that didn't appeal to my kids.  When I discovered Gummy Cuties, I learned that the company (NDX) was started by a husband and wife team - the wife, and mother of picky eaters, had a passion for nutrition and her husband was a candy expert!  That combination sounded like a promising prospect for delicious gummy vitamins that my kids would love, so we decided to give them a try!


When my vitamins arrived in the mail, I was excited to tear open the package and offer them to my kids. My kids (remembering my broken promises of delicious gummy vitamins in the past) were not as excited.  I had planned on videotaping their reactions to trying the vitamins.  Usually, when I create a video for a review like this, I will edit out bits and pieces so that I get a short and sweet clip of the experience.  In this case, I decided to leave the unedited video because it shows the real struggle of trying to get my picky eater to try one of the gummies:




All four of my children love the multivitamin and the Omega-3 DHA/EPA.  They have kept on top of me every day to give them their gummies so that they can grow up happy, healthy, and strong.  NDX also offers a Calcium with Vitamin D supplement, Probiotics, and Echinacea with Vitamin C & Zinc.  The Echinacea Gummy Cuties are supposed to be great for boosting the immune system before you get sick or on days you aren't feeling well - I think this will be the next type we try!


In addition to tasting yummy, Gummy Cuties brand has a team of cute cartoon characters that adorn the vitamin bottles and make the vitamins more fun for kids.  As you saw in the video above, it was Pete & Jupiter, the brothers who were on the multivitamin bottle, who helped Eleanor make the decision to try her gummies.


Other fun facts that contribute to the reasons that I love NDX's Gummy Cuties is that they are:

  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free
  • Naturally flavored
  • Colors are from natural sources
  • Free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, and salicylates - so no major allergen worries!


As with any other vitamins or supplements, make sure you follow dosage instructions, ensure that kids chew them carefully and thoroughly, and store these out of reach of children.  


I am so glad we gave the NDX brand of Gummy Cuties Children's Vitamins a try - now we have a multivitamin that my children look forward to enjoying every day and I can feel more comfortable that they are receiving a balanced nutrition, even with their limited food preferences. 


 NDX has also created great products to help adults stay healthy so they can take care of their kids.  You can learn more information on the full line of adult supplements HERE.  And then, check out the full line of Children's Vitamins HERE.




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